Hong Kong Salary Tax Services for Non-Hong Kong Resident.

1. Salary tax planning

2. Declaration of individual tax returns

3. Additional fee for declare of other remuneration or welfare other than salary e.g. Headquarter, moving, traveling

4. Declare exemption on the ground of payment of foreign income tax under DTA

5. Declare time-apportionment on the ground of foreign employment

6. Declare tax exemption on the ground of no services in Hong Kong

7. Declare tax exemption on the ground of visiting Hong Kong not exceeding 60 days

8. Declare tax exemption on the ground of working in China

9. Declare the payment received on termination of employment not taxable

10. Declare rent refund (assessed @10% of income) instead of rent allowance (assessed in full)

11. Declare deduction of outgoing and expenses

12. Declare deduction of home loan interest

13. Declare deduction of self education expenses

14. Declare to be assessed under Profits Tax instead of Salaries

15. Objection for the tax payment and penalty