GLOBAL CPA (HK) LIMITED realizes the importance of cost-saving in the modern business world. In order to help our clients minimize the fixed running cost of a first class office, we provide them a world-class office, located at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is a highly regarded location for international trade enterprises that need a minimum set up in Hong Kong and China.

The comprehensive range of business knowledge, the latest market information, and the China and Hong Kong business consulting and international network offered by Hong Kong Trade Development Council all equip enterprises to sharpen their competitive skills.

Registered Office In Hong Kong:

• Employ our center as Registered office to the Government, Tax Department and bankers.

• Provide signboard of company's name in the lobby.

• Receive correspondence from the Government, Tax Department and bankers by E-mail or phone.

• Commercial Office in Hong Kong.

• In addition to the services as a "Registered Office in Hong Kong" (above), we will.

• Provide business address for letterhead, business card and correspondence for business purpose.

• Receive commercial letters, small parcels, and notices to recipients.

• Provide fax in and fax out service.