We provide professional advice for our clients particularly with flexible, cost effective, efficient, confidential and quality services that gives them the opportunity to conduct business without the burden of immediate taxation and that enables them to protect their assets in privacy.

We focus on the four main objectives of our clients that put their money offshore:

• Financial privacy.

• Tax avoidance.

• Asset protection.

• International investing.

The main offshore countries in which we can provide formation and services include British Virgin Island, Samoa, Cayman Island, Mauritius, Bahamas, Niue, Isle of Man, Bermuda, Panama, Singapore, Seychelles and others. Our services include:

• Setting up new offshore companies and bank account.

• Local statutory compliance administration and management.

• Offshore structure planning for the purpose of asset protection and tax avoidance.

• Advising and arranging the offshore legal compliance.

• Providing offshore supporting service for international trade locally.