Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory

Once a company has decided to pursue a listing, it must also consider a suitable market on which to list its shares. In this connection, some of Hong Kong's advantages as a listing venue are set out below:

(a) Gateway to Mainland China

(b) Free Flow of Capital and Information

(c) Leveraging on Mainland China's Growth

(d) Strong Legal System

(e) International Accounting Standards

(f) Sound Regulatory Framework

(g) Advanced Clearing and Settlement Infrastructure

• Strategic plans and projections on Listing.

• Undertaking Restructuring.

• Financial and Tax due diligence

• Perform a special Audit in IFAS and act as reporting auditor.

• Review tax efficiency on operation and capital structure.

• Assist in International Business Valuation.

• Coordinate with other professional intermediaries.

• Helping companies list in New York, London, Toronto, and Singapore.