Our service commences with the provision of advice to clients, or their professional advisors, on international tax and estate planning, retirement planning or investment holding structures. This may take the form of transfer pricing structures, commission agencies, and arranging finance, hire or leasing of capital assets or intellectual property.

To offer such services, our accountants, legal experts and consultants must be thoroughly familiar with local and international tax laws and regulations. They must also keep up to date on court decisions and changes in taxation law, which occur frequently.

International tax planning may be used in a variety of ways to minimize tax payable legally. Such planning may include the following:

• Arrangement of transfer pricing structure, commission agencies.

• Arranging financing, hire or leasing of capital assets for International Trade.

• Provision of services from or to an offshore company for consultancy service.

• Structuring of investment in domestic or foreign assets for investment holding.

• Structuring of licensing and sub-licensing of intellectual property for licensing.

• International Executive Services (Personal Tax).

• International Corporate Tax Services.